Friday, March 7, 2014

Back from the dead!

Hey, this is Steven from Datamancer! Finally we are making progress on a project and I just wanted to update with a screenshot and some info:

Our game project ( as some of you may remember ) is called Galaxy Bear. It's intended to be a tough-as-nails Megaman-esque Platformer with a few surprises thrown in the mix.

The original version of the game was coded from near-scratch in c++ and SFML/OpenGL as well as having a functional map editor. We got very far on the original version, but unfortunately a hard-drive death resulted in us having lost the project. Years later we have decided to bring back the project with the power of Unity!

Now, I love coding the bear bones ( see what I did there? ) down to the metal c++ stuff but Unity is just so portable we had to go with it.

Right now we are still early in the project, but it has basic platformer movement, shooting, ladders, floating/moving platformers( all easily configurable in the Unity Editor ) and it's all working bug-free and very smooth.

Right now it's just me reviving the project but I plan to bring on a few friends, mainly to help with the Art Direction.

Expect a development video relatively soon and new updates on the blog!

See ya later!

- Steven

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