Saturday, March 29, 2014

Engine/New Artist/Future

Okay guys! Just have a code screen shot this time, but... Instead of using Unity I have decided to write the Galaxy Bear Engine from scratch! This is big news, sort-of a step back, but it is very rewarding as a programmer and helps us to avoid future licensing fees. Currently the engine is Windows/OpenGL, but it is designed to support Mac/Linux when that time comes around and possibly other platforms in the future.

Engine development has really taken off in the time since the last post, and I'm done with a lot of the ground work as far as basic rendering and engine structure goes.

Now, I have other big news for the project! I have a dedicated artist joining me on this. We both work full-time and he is attending college, so we are planning to hit the development hard when summer break roles around and hopefully get a kickstarter in so we can make a quality project.

Look forward to updates about the design of the game, development videos, and Art/Programming!

Thank you!


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