Thursday, April 3, 2014

Going in a new Direction + Engine

SO, I was wanting to make an update post about the development of the game. Honestly we have started to stray away from a 2D platformer and quite possibly the Galaxy Bear idea as a whole. We have have been discussing game ideas and seeing what kind of games we'd like to make that fill a more unique role, or feel a little bit more at-home to us. All the while I have continued working on the Engine/Game Library.

I'm pretty proud of what I have so far. Using Win32 - OpenGL - GLEW only, I have gotten this far. The classes are all designed to where I can abstract out and add multiple platform support in the future.

It's is currently called the Khimera Game Library ( Mainly because that was an old gaming screen name of mine ). Most recently I implemented 3D VBO based rendering + GLSL Shaders, Timing, Basic physics/ Colliders( 3D ), and an Event/Input Wrapper/Manager.

We still won't be starting actual development until the summer, but I'm designing the Engine to be able to handle any of the handfull of game ideas that we are tossing up right now.

I'm also considering doing engine development videos and tech posts just to keep a content flow happening while we prepare a game idea.

Thanks guys!

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