Monday, April 7, 2014

BeardKnights and... Online Multiplayer!

Sorry guys, no screenshot this time, but we have solidified a game idea! It is called BeardKnights, and it features multiple playable bearded Knights each with there own abilities and traits.

You select one of these Knights per stage with the option to switch at set checkpoints throughout the stages. The game will feature somewhat megaman inpired platforming just like our original Galaxy Bear idea but will feature online co-op!

The Networking will be a huge programming task, but the system I have in mind for it will make it so all of our Actors can be easily networked with a few extra lines of code!

The Knights will each feature a theme that gives them a certain usefulness and skillset. For example one knight may be a "Tank" featuring increased health and a shield, but mediocre damage and speed. The combination of knights you choose, plus which castlevania-style subweapons you take with you will really make each level unique to your playthrough. Additional Knights will be added and unlocked as you progress through the game to keep it fresh, and give a new spin on old stages (possible alternate paths, time attack?).

Still as of our last posts we will not be starting official development until summer, but the Engine is well underway and I will be working hard on adding a robust networking system and getting the basic game elements in before we get into the meat of it.

Thanks, until next time!

(P.S. If you have any questions about the code, design, or anything else feel free to leave a comment!)

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